National Maths & Arithmetic Competition

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Education & Competitions are very closely related as competitions are put in education for the development of education skills. Without competitions we
can not imagine educations.

According to observation, only 10 -15 % students can successfully clear and
take advantage of these types of competitive exam.

Voted OUTSTANDING by our local education authority


  • 5O9A1948-min
  • 5O9A1877-min
  • 5O9A1915-min
  • 5O9A1929-min
  • 5O9A1918-min
  • 5O9A1945-min
  • 5O9A1885-min
  • 5O9A1882-min

Our Program

Walnut Excellence Education is one of the leading service-providing companies in the Education Field. Our journey started with four centers but now has a wide presence across India. We began with the vision of including mental mathematics in day-to-day life. Walnut Excellence Education is one of the pioneers in India to introduce Abacus and Vedic mathematics in the E-Class & Animated form. We specialize in after-school / within-school activities for complete brain development.

Walnut programs are based on the play-way method & Learn with fun. We have well-trained and Skillful teachers who give equal attention to each student. With many years of research to make our content unique and creative, we proudly present interactive and easy ways to teach children in a fun and interesting way.

In addition to this, we also offer teacher training courses for undergraduates/teachers/ professionals who wish to begin their careers in the education field. Walnut believes in Creative Learning which engages the learner to understand and implement in a much more fun and interactive way. Our unique programs help students to solve difficult math problems accurately and at a quicker pace.

Walnut Abacus Programs

Age group: 1st to 6th std

Walnut Abacus education technique is unique in nature which helps parents to create the best in their child. Walnut Abacus program provides a safe, supportive and efficient learning environment to children as an essential part of their learning. It develops interest & love towards Educational Maths, Mental Arithmetic Calculation as well as provide 360-degree development of the brain. Along with this it also develops the ability to transfer the mathematical type of thinking, reasoning for daily life situations, and problem-solving skills. Walnut Abacus curriculum is prepared with utmost diligence and is designed to empower children.

Walnut Vedic Maths

Age group: 6th std & above

Vedic Mathematics is the name given to the ancient system of Indian Mathematics which was rediscovered from the Vedas by Sri Bharti Kriahna Tithji (1984-1960). According to his research all of mathematics is based on 16 Sutras & 13 Sub – Sutras. In the Vedic system difficult problems or huge sums of multiplications, addition,Subtraction, division etc can often be solved immediately by Vedic tricks & Sutras .

Walnut Phonics

Age group: to 1st std

Phonics is a method for teaching reading and writing of the English Language by developing learners’ phonemic awareness – the ability to hear, identify and manipulate phonemes.

Math O Magic

Age group: 1st std to 9th std

It’s a kind of crash course designed with interesting math tips and tricks of Vedic maths and Abacus which helps to create interest towards numbers. It’s conducted in the form of summer camps, workshops, and webinars.