Walnut Excellence Education initiated National Maths & Arithmetic Competition’ [NMAC] for School Students from 1st Standard to 8th Standard. It is a competitive math examination with the widest participation of the student.

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What is the criterion to register for NMAC?

All-State Board, CBSE & ICES Board school can register for NMAC. The first Arithmetic Round is free for all divisions from Standard 1 st to 8 th.

How are NMAC competitions beneficial to our school?

Currently, Walnut is providing an attractive opportunity to the schools. All students from 1 st to 8 th standard of each division can freely register for the Online Arithmetic Selection Round.

Thus, Walnut is providing the opportunities to students for presenting them on a platform where participants are from different parts of the nation. Attending such competitive examination helps to improve the student’s confidence level and self-analytical skills. NMAC designed to assist Student to successfully implement Maths & Arithmetic tools and techniques to counter the fear or phobia. Efforts have been made to make Maths & Arithmetic more interesting as well as Students gain additional knowledge and get early exposure to competitive learning.

Will Exam taken by you? Venue of the Exam

Yes, NMAC is conducting online examinations on our company portal only.

NMAC Arithmetic Selection Round Schedule is too early….

NMAC Arithmetic Selection Round syllabus is based on PREVIOUS STANDARD School syllabus includes Calculations (70%) and mathematical reasoning & previous year syllabus (30%). As such the whole syllabus is already learned & taught to the child, does not make any difference in the performance of the NMAC Arithmetic Selection Round exam.

If I want to give standalone examination instead of going via my school, then what are the requirements?

Yes, you can contact us at nmac@walnutexcellence.com for registration purpose.

What is Syllabus for NMAC?

Arithmetic ROUND: School syllabus of relevant to previous standard include Calculations (70%) and mathematical reasoning & previous year syllabus (30%).

NMAC ROUND: School syllabus relevant to current standard [40%] with the additional subject matter like DMAS calculations, Consumer Maths, and Logical Reasoning (60%).
Duration & Number of Questions of the NMAC Exams?

35 Multiple Choice Questions for 1st to 2nd Standard.

50 Multiple Choice Questions for 3rd to 8th Standard.

NMAC Exam will be of 1 Hour. MCQ & OMR are the features of NMAC.

Can we purchase the NMAC Syllabus books online?

Yes, The Arithmetic E-books as well as Syllabus Books are available online for purchase purpose @slashed prizes. It will be provided to you via email within 5 days once the payment receipt is received.

How the NMAC Syllabus is useful or similar for SSC, CBSE & ICES Board Our school is SSC Board & found that 25% syllabus is not part of SSC Syllabus then why our school should participate for NMAC. For us it is not a competition at all.

We follows the national curriculum [NCERT]. As, you are well aware that SSC, CBSE & ICSE boards, all has taken in a lot of structures from the NCERT.

Similarly, NMAC is extremely focused on application of maths knowledge and more balanced with the additional subject matter like DMAS or calculations, Consumer Maths and Logical Reasoning (Total 60%).

We have prepare the question paper using simple questions to complex or tricky questions requirements are more flexible to all types of boards.

As, all the National Entrance Examinations are conducted as per national syllabus, it gives platforms to students or schools to assess maths knowledge, tools and technique. It is an early exposure to student for competition. Showcase to show his talent & skills. It is a motivation to student to learn maths differently.

If it is school syllabus only then why we should go for NMAC. As MCQ pattern etc. is part of our school curriculum. There is not difference between NMAC & School Curriculum. Then why should we go for NMAC?

NMAC syllabus provides comprehensive coverage of schools maths and Arithmetic concepts & applications. The question pattern is designed such a way that student understand the fundamental concepts and develop the ability to apply those concepts in various situations.

NMAC is extremely focused on application of math’s knowledge and more balanced with the additional subject matter like Consumer Maths, Logical Reasoning, DMAS or calculations with the School Syllabus.

Thus, NMAC syllabus features like Identical Pattern Practice Papers, Mock Tests etc. Questions Randomization creates sequencing differentiation which ensures more perfection.

Students / Parents are running behind the brands as follows:

ASSET /(IPM) Institute of Promotional Maths / (MTSE) Maths Talent Search /(IOM) The International Olympiad of Mathematics / (NIMO) National Interactive Maths Olympiad / (BIOM) Brilliant International Olympiad of Mathematics / (ICAS) International Competition and Assessment for Schools (covering Number, Arithmetic, Algebra, Pattern, Measures, Unit, Space, Geometry, chance & Data etc.)

We feel the syllabus is much higher than the standard.

NMAC follows the latest national curriculum [NCERT] for NMAC syllabus. We believes that early exposure to maths curriculum to students, is a showcase to show his talent & skills to learn maths differently. Let's students should explore the knowledge and you should not put any limits or stoppage for exploring the