NMAC Examination:

In the context of COVID-19 and today’s evolving business landscape, innovation is the new Walnut mantra for our business survival and growth. In this era of information technology and innovation, now, WALNUT Initiated NMAC Math EXPRESS 2020-21 is going ONLINE. We are providing the virtual platform to NMAC.

In current academic year 2020-21, WALNUT is conducting NMAC Competition online via its company portal.

The NMAC examination is for School Students from 1st Standard to 8th Standard. It is a competitive math examination with the widest participation of the student.

The NMAC is conducted in Three (3) Rounds – Arithmetic Selection Round, NMAC Round & NMAC Math EXPRESS Grand Finale Round.

Currently, it gives us a great pleasure to invite your esteem school students from all divisions from 1 st to 8 th Standard to participate in the ARITHMETIC SELECTION ROUND examination of previous year Arithmetic/DMAS syllabus. Just click the link & register for Arithmetic Selection Round.

Students securing more than 50 marks will be eligible for NMAC Round.

NMAC ROUND: Eligible student could enroll themselves for NMAC Round.

ONLINE NMAC Math EXPRESS Grand Finale Round is the unique feature of NMAC. Top 80 winners of Diamond Cadre are eligible for NMAC Math EXPRESS Grand Finale. Selection of NMAC Grand Finale Online Math EXPRESS Winner will be on the basis of Virtual Videos shares by the NMAC Diamond Cadre Participant. Students need to provide the VIDEO on specific Math Topic is given, relevant to his standard, with the use of Props, Drama and Intellectual Thinking with creativity.