We follows the national curriculum [NCERT]. As, you are well aware that SSC, CBSE & ICSE boards, all has taken in a lot of structures from the NCERT. Similarly, NMAC is extremely focused on application of maths knowledge and more balanced with the additional subject matter like DMAS or calculations, Consumer Maths and Logical Reasoning (Total 60%). We have prepare the question paper using simple questions to complex or tricky questions requirements are more flexible to all types of boards.

As, all the National Entrance Examinations are conducted as per national syllabus, it gives platforms to students or schools to assess maths knowledge, tools and technique. It is an early exposure to student for competition. Showcase to show his talent & skills. It is a motivation to student to learn maths differently.

ARITHMETIC SELECTION ROUND examination is based on previous year Arithmetic/DMAS syllabus.

Based on MAS or DMAS or BODMAS Calculations Part (70%) and School Syllabus relevant to previous year (30%).

Students securing more than 50 marks will be eligible for NMAC Round.

NMAC ROUND Syllabus: School syllabus relevant to current academic standard [40%] with the additional subject matter like DMAS calculations, Consumer Maths, and Logical Reasoning [60%].

Top 80 students from NMAC Round will be eligible for NMAC Maths EXPRESS Round

ONLINE NMAC Math EXPRESS Grand Finale Round is based on the VIDEO on specific Math Topic is given, relevant to his standard, with the use of Props, Drama and Intellectual Thinking with creativity.